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This website is the future home of a resource designed to help dealership personnel up to date with the latest and greatest. Dealership support is also here to remind you that the latest and greatest are not always the greatest to implement on your dealership’s digital real estate. With manufacturers pushing so many different products down your throat, they must have done their research, right? They are the manufacturer... Surely, they have done their homework before rolling something out to all of their dealers...This is what we all hope and also how it's sold to us. Unfortunately, this is not the case. In fact, more often than not recently, the manufacturers seem to be making more decisions to fatten their pockets and obviously Shift Digital since they are the common variable through all the manufacturers. Many of which hurt the dealerships in turn. Take digital retailing for instance. We all know and have seen that customers are not ready to buy online yet, and it may be years before they are. They have been starting their deal online for many, many years with credit apps, payment calculators and trade in tools dating back well over 10 years. So that is nothign new, outside of charing us more, requiring us to have it and implementing it in a way that scares the customer away, instead of generating a form lead. If anybody is paying attnetion to the analytics and data, and know what they are looking at... They would then know that yes, maybe DR gets you a couple extra leads; But what other lead forms does it hurt and ultimiately lower my lead count. Not only that, but it will/ does switch quality leads for garbage leads. Dealership Support is here to be a resource to help you realize what to push back on, what to accept and many other resources to grow your business. With experience in the digital world, since the days of keyword stuffing on websites, through the sales managers saying you can't sell cars on the internet, there is plenty of experience here to help you grow your business right!. We also hope to eventually put together a group of dealers / groups to push back on some of these poor choices by the Automotive Manufacturers. Dealership Support Website is for the dealerships, for digital marketing properly, and for what will help the industry grow at the pace the customers want, not the manufacturers.

One example of the many subjects addressed on dealership digital support website is digital retailing. We know the manufacturers tell us the customers want it, we know that many of the brands are forcing us to do it, but have you looked at the data? Seeing numbers in many different markets with many different brands that show 3% to 4% of the customers are even interested in a full online buying experience... The manufacturers say it won’t hurt and then you can have the experience for those small number of customers. The reality though.... Automotive Digital retailing does hurt your sites. Not only are you trying to force something down your customers throat, that 96% aren’t interested in, but you are hurting your traditional ePrice leads. Go on.. Test it for yourself. Another thing on a bit more technical of a point, these tools are hurting your sites page speed which is important for Google rankings and customer experience. So now you look at Automotive Digital retailing and realize the manufacturers are forcing you to hurt 96% of your customers experience for a possible 3% to 4% of the customers that are interested in shopping online. What’s worse? That 3% to 4% in our studies aren't all buying customers, of those customers a small percentage actually buy!

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